Emergency Dental Treatment


Dental Pain...It can't wait.

If you are having dental pain, please call our office today.  We can help you determine if you need to be seen today, or in the near future.  Many times if pain is treated early we can prevent such things as infection, swelling or tooth loss.  

If we determine you need to be seen today, we will make arrangements to see you to address your immediate dental need.

FAQs about Dental Emergencies

Q.  How do I know what is a dental emergency?

A.  Pain, swelling or bleeding are all signs to call our office right away.  If you feel the swelling is preventing you from breathing or swallowing easily, go to an emergency room right away.  If you are unsure about where to go, call us now.  We can help get you to the right place.

Q.  What if I have an emergency after hours? 

A.  You can call our office and emergency instructions will be provided.  Note:  We do not call in prescriptions for non-patients.

Q.  What if I am in severe pain.  Can you call in a prescription for pain pills?

A.  Unfortunately, no.  New prescribing laws prevent us from prescribing narcotics over the phone.  If the office is closed and you don't feel the pain can wait until we open again, please visit your closet urgent care center. 

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