Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Whiten Your Smile


We offer several different whitening options.

-Take home whitening involves custom trays in which you apply the gel and wear them in the comfort of your home from a few hours to overnight.

-In-office whitening offering a jump start to your whiter smile while still offering trays for you to continue to whiten at home.  

-Can't tolerate an impression?  No problem.  We also offer convenient ready to use whitening strips at strengths stronger than over the counter.  That means better results in less time.  

Smile Design


Want to change something (or everything) about your smile?  Give us a call for a complimentary consultation.  We can discuss our Smile Design process and get you the smile you've always dreamt about. 

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Metal Free Restorations


If your old restorations are failing and need replaced, we can place metal free composite or porcelain restorations.  



Sometimes a little bonding is all that is needed to replace a chipped tooth, or close a small gap.  Call us with your concerns today!